Understanding Dwelling Coverages in Your Homeowners Policy

When protecting your home, choosing the right dwelling coverage is crucial. Here, we’ll explore three main types of coverage: Guaranteed Replacement Cost, Extended Replacement Cost, and Replacement Cost. We’ll also highlight why Guaranteed Replacement Cost is the best option and the benefits of partnering with our agency, an independent agency right here in Goshen.

Types of Dwelling Coverages

Replacement Cost Coverage

This coverage pays to repair or rebuild your home to its original state without factoring in depreciation, up to the policy’s limit. However, it may fall short if rebuilding costs exceed your coverage limit.

Extended Replacement Cost Coverage

This coverage offers additional protection by covering a percentage above your policy limit, typically 25%. For example, if your limit is $200,000, it would cover up to $250,000, providing extra security against unexpected cost increases.

Guaranteed Replacement Cost Coverage

This is the most comprehensive option, ensuring your home is rebuilt to its original condition regardless of the cost. It’s especially valuable when building costs rise unexpectedly due to widespread disasters.

Why Guaranteed Replacement Cost is the Best Option

  1. Complete Protection: Covers full rebuilding costs, even if they exceed your policy limit.
  2. Peace of Mind: Shields you from market fluctuations and unexpected cost spikes.
  3. Investment Security: Protects the full value of your home investment.

Partnering with Huser Insurance Agency: Your Local Independent Advocate

Choosing the right insurance can be daunting, but we make it easier. Here’s how:

  • Personalized Service: Tailored advice to fit your unique needs.
  • Multiple Carriers: Access to a range of insurance options, ensuring competitive rates.
  • Expert Advice: Experienced professionals guiding you through the insurance landscape.
  • Local Knowledge: Understanding of specific risks in Elkhart County and surrounding counties.
  • Ongoing Support: Continuous assistance, from policy purchase to claims processing.


Guaranteed Replacement Cost Coverage offers unmatched protection for your home. Partnering with us ensures you get personalized, expert service and access to the best insurance options. Secure your home and peace of mind by contacting us today at 574-534-7300.

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